Senior Production Week 12

This week was largely spent on working with rifts, quality of life improvements, improving and implementing visual effects and spectacles, and finally general tweaks to hovercars and the race experience.  A great deal of time was spent improving the visual effects generated by the rifts–this was done mainly through shaders, though strange-looking and moving textures further aided the goal of making rifts an intense, six-second race all its own.  Additionally, the general difficulty of rifts have been increased, adding more, smaller sections that can drop from the platform, in addition to randomly positioned pillars, which act as both an additional obstacle and visual effect.  When it came to implementing spectacles and eye-candy around the track, we’ve implemented systems to control and allow for interesting spectacles,  such as laser cannons which shoot at, but do not hit, players, as well as an object that can spawn prefabs, and then have them move across various points.  When it comes to the hovercar, we made some basic changes to their stats, though we intend to soon go into testing with drastically differently balanced car, so as to get a fully spectrum of player response before making the final tweaks to the systems.


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