Weeks 13 & 14: The Final Days

This and the past week have been the final periods of development on Sagittarii Run.  A large amount of the time has been spent on bug fixing, such as a particularly critical bug involving rifts transporting players to the end of the race, as well as more miscellaneous issues such as GUI elements overlapping, the doors of the dropship not opening across the network, and the spectacle of ghost racers moving while tilted on their sides.  The other large part of time has adding more spectacle and general eye candy to the track–such as giant ships flying overhead, meteors passing by racers, or the debris of destroyed ships becoming obstacles on the racetrack.  At this point, one day away from the Senior Show, we have more or less entered a code freeze (short of a few remaining bugs) and will be spending the remainder of the time adding more eye candy to the tracks, and testing for any remaining bugs.


Senior Production Week 12

This week was largely spent on working with rifts, quality of life improvements, improving and implementing visual effects and spectacles, and finally general tweaks to hovercars and the race experience.  A great deal of time was spent improving the visual effects generated by the rifts–this was done mainly through shaders, though strange-looking and moving textures further aided the goal of making rifts an intense, six-second race all its own.  Additionally, the general difficulty of rifts have been increased, adding more, smaller sections that can drop from the platform, in addition to randomly positioned pillars, which act as both an additional obstacle and visual effect.  When it came to implementing spectacles and eye-candy around the track, we’ve implemented systems to control and allow for interesting spectacles,  such as laser cannons which shoot at, but do not hit, players, as well as an object that can spawn prefabs, and then have them move across various points.  When it comes to the hovercar, we made some basic changes to their stats, though we intend to soon go into testing with drastically differently balanced car, so as to get a fully spectrum of player response before making the final tweaks to the systems.

Senior Production Week 11

This week a great amount of deal was spent tweaking existing systems, improving existing content, and attempting to add in and test the remaining pieces of content.  A large portion of this time was spent with the rift system, which has not seen a large amount of focus since its initial conception and implementation.  Entrances and exits for rifts have been updated, in addition to some quality-of-life and bug fixing adjustments–though there are still many improvements that need to be made.  Additionally, time was spent on general improvements to play–mainly through adjustments on vehicle’s stats, which will soon serve to differentiate the four unique hovercars.