Senior Production Week 7

This week myself and the lead systems designer were able to begin testing and tweaking the game in engine.  We spent the majority of the time testing and tweaking the cars, and the first major change we made was to influence the car’s turning ability based upon its current speed.  Thus, the faster a ship moves, the worse its turning capability will be–to an extent.  Though it may not seem it, this change was actually made to improve control and maneuverability of the ships, as previously turning would simply immediately rotate the ship, causing a very high probability of players losing control, or the ship spinning out.  Currently, we have three major vectors around which ships will be balanced, tweaked, and made unique: max speed, acceleration, and turning ability.

In addition, this week we took the game to testing after a fairly lengthy hiatus.  Though the build had bugs and playability issues, the testing period helped display many areas that need improvement and fixing, and will become the focus of future tasks.


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