Senior Production Week 5

This week was spent working on the attract screen, as well as preparing to begin fully diving in to refine the experience of the game.  We decided we will eventually make use of a variety of fonts, colors, and lighting effects, as well as on screen visual effects, such as mirror or making reflected shapes on the screen.  Our audio direction has, for some time, been a combination rock/metal and electronic, and the attract screen will follow this principle, though it will play with a much more with dynamic range.  For example, there will be great difference between slow, quiet and fast, loud sections.  Finally, once the code for controlling the wheel and pedals has been re-added, we will begin to spend a great amount of time testing the game, looking for all the edge cases we possibly can, as well as refining the numbers controlling the various cars, traveling through rifts, and experiencing the track and its spectacles.


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