Senior Production Week 4

This week was largely spent documenting, tweaking, and analyzing the current rift systems, as well as some initial exploration into the balancing of the hovercars.  Additionally, the team as a whole began to prepare to challenge the greenlight stage during Week 5’s class.

Though the rift system hasn’t gone under any heavy experience testing yet, we have already analyzed some possible usability issues, such as players being mid turn when entering a rift and immediately hitting an obstacle or driving out of the sub-space area, and have put forward initial solutions.  In preparing for the greenlight challenge, we documented and discussed both the rift systems themselves, as well as any possible ‘what-if’ situations, such as what would occur if player 2 was able to enter a necessary rift intended for player 3.  In this example, then, the exit rift would still be tied to player 1, as the rift was originally intended for player 2.


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