Senior Production Week 3

This week was largely spent defining the rules of what are now being  called “Unnecessary Rifts”, as well as some general documenting and presentation preparation.  As opposed to “Necessary Rifts”, the purpose of which is to act as a rubberbanding system to keep all players in the competition, Unnecessary Rifts are intended to act as a speed boost, throwing a wrench into a group of tightly packed players.

The rules for unnecessary rifts  begin with a check to see if all players have been within a short distance of the player ahead of them, for a period of time.  Afterwards, it randomly generates a rift for one of the players, granting a higher chance for those players furthest back.  Unlike Necessary Rifts, which disappear immediately if they are missed by their intended players, Unnecessary Rifts disappear after 1 second, allowing for the possibility of another player being able to use the rift instead.

The rules and goals within the rift remain the same across both types of rifts, though Unnecessary rifts are a degree more difficult than their Necessary Rift counterparts.  Finally, rather than tying the exit points to the ahead player’s most recently passed waypoints, Unnecessary Rifts transport players forward a number of waypoints equal to the number of sections they progressed through in the rift.  For example, a player that makes it to the third section of a rift will be transported forward three waypoints.


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