dll Project Reflection

This project was a perfect example of circumstances coming together to make a mountain out of a molehill.  Being rusty with C++ resulted in many time consuming simple mistakes, as well as needing to spend additional time looking up forgotten basic knowledge.  After quite some time attempting to decide on a direction to go with the project, a setback forced me to rethink the project yet again.  I decided to create a library of some very simple functions, though they are largely of little use.  Again, some basic blunders due to rustiness were an issue, as well as attempting to figure out how to create the needed .lib took additional time.  However, it was very rewarding to see the result in action.  The beneficial properties of .dll and .lib files became apparent immediately, as after making numerous small edits to the library, all that was required for the test project to have the new information was the replacement of the .dll and .lib files.  In a much larger project, this capability would be invaluable.

The use of gitHub, however, was one of the smoothest experiences I’ve ever had with version control.  Documentation was immediately put in front of new users, was up to date, and allowed for further exploration of all the basic actions covered within the tutorial.  It is very possible I will be using gitHub frequently in the future.


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