Week 11

Similar to week 10, this week was spent largely on working with the digital prototype.  Our programmer has done some amazing work, and the quality of the prototype has risen exponentially.  Players can create their own mechs, distributing stat points and weapons as they see fit, and these custom mechs can then be loaded for use in battle.  Within battle, players are capable of moving around obstacles within the map, targeting weapons via single unit targeting and circle AoE targeting, and using all of their abilities–a great amount of bug fixing took place in this area, from AoEs only damaging a single target, to reticules not following the mouse position after moving.  Additionally, the base of our eventual HUD system has been implemented.  This is seen in a ring of rectangles encircling each mech, which display its current health, as well as in horizontal and vertical bars next to the mech, displaying its ballistic resistance, energy resistance, and mobility, for easy reference.  Likewise, damage is in part represented by color coded numbers which float out of mechs upon being attacked.  Tooltips have also been attached to each mech’s weapons.  When clicked on, these present simplified, and if click on again, detailed information about the weapon in question.

In testing the prototype was received relatively well, though testers who had previously played the paper prototype were very enthusiastic to play it in its new digital form.  A variety of bugs did pop up, some of which were more critical than others–for example, players not respawning, or reticules not following the mouse.  Overall, however, the prototype was enjoyed by testers, the external interaction between players were just as strong, and the majority were interested in playing it the next time they could.

As previously mentioned, the group intends to challenge Stage 2 this week–though this is the last chance we have to do so.  Groups must be in at least Stage 3 to qualify for admission to the final presentation, which takes place in two weeks.  Hopefully, a strong presentation and clear description of the concept and experience will allow the group to qualify for the final presentation, and hopefully an even stronger presentation will allow the concept to pass into the second semester–where the concept will become a game, and the game could very possibly be released for the world to play.


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