Week 9

This week was entirely focused on getting targeting the requirements for challenging Stage 2.  The Digital Prototype is our main focus, as it is required to be both tested and deployed on the target platform.  As of this writing, the prototype is capable of simulating turn structure and movement, as well as character creation.  Remaining to be done are the combat systems–which are currently structured out, but not yet implemented–and being able to load created mechs into the battle.  Additionally, we will need to make end states for the various gameplay modes, and successfully deploy the game to a mobile device.  Once we have successfully implemented these structures, it should be a fairly simple matter to add in a variety of different gameplay modes and structures as well as mech weapons and environmental effects.

In terms of assets, a work in progress background track has been created and additional temporary sound effects will be used to act as a showcase for the audio direction of the game.  Though we received many different ideas on how to take mechs visually in different directions, we have decided to stick with a distinctively futuristic mechanical theme, in our artist’s own style.

So far our QA sessions have gotten largely positive feedback–though testers continually ask for the digital version.  We have tested the ability of players being able to control two mechs at a time–rather than just one–different ways of structuring turn order, new weapons, and a ‘destroy the generator’ style gameplay scenario.  Additionally, we intend to test ‘Uber’ abilities–usable by a mech only once per game–as well as additional weapons, gameplay modes, and turn order structures, though these tests may take place either at the same time, or after, the testing of the digital prototype.

With a solid amount of QA testing, and the finishing of documents and other miscellaneous requirements, the team hopes to be ready to challenge Stage 2 by next Wednesday.


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