Networking Game Jam Post Mortem

In this game jam we were tasked with making a networked version of the game Space Wars.  One of the first things that went most right with this project was the fact that the other member of our team of two, had a strong and effective codebase from which we were able to work, as well as the fact that his game had many similarities to Space Wars.  Another aspect of the game that went successfully was the fact that we were quickly divided up what we wanted to do to accomplish the goal–I began looking at how to make a ‘functional’ gravity well in the center of the screen to affect players and bullets, while my partner reorganized his some of his existing code to make room for the altered functionality of the game, as well as programmed the acceleration/deceleration mechanics.  Likewise, we were able to quickly and easily merge the two projects together to test the game.

Likely what went worst with the project was how long it took me to successfully get the gravity well into a functional state, as well as the actual effectiveness of the well.  Bullets do not use the acceleration code that the players do, so they are free to fly around the screen as the gravity well directs them on tangents.  The result can be a chaotic mess where the winner of the match is seemingly decided at random.

Overall, however, the experience was interesting.  I learned a bit about game physics, as well as learning more about how to work together with multiple programmers on the same project.


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