Week 8

The team has successfully passed into Stage 2.  The focus of this stage is on proving artistic direction, design intent, and getting a playable prototype of the concept onto the target platform.  We received a lot of great feedback from the presentation, including ideas such as the concept of ‘organic mechs’ to further define the mech theme, or the possibility of offering asynchronous networked or AI play.

Going forward, we will be focusing on getting a version of the concept on a tablet device, testing and iterating on systems using the paper prototype, and creating visual and audio assets for use within the digital prototype.  We intend to begin testing additional weapon types, game objectives–such as game modes and objects interactions within the environment–and team compositions–beginning with players controlling multiple units–within the paper prototype, followed by experience and general playability tests once the digital prototype is successfully deployed to a tablet device.  Finally, we intend to challenge Stage 2 as soon as possible.


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