Week 7

This week was concerned largely with fleshing out the Turn-Based Mech concept, documentation, prototyping, and preparation for the Stage 1 challenge presentation.  The act of playing the game has been more shaped as a party-style structured game, using a single tablet device–that is to say, players will take their turn, and then pass the device off to the next player.  Players currently design and control a single Mech per match, structured in the form of a 2v2 first to five kills deathmatch.  We intend to test additional game modes, maps, and objectives, as well as the possibility of controlling multiple mechs at once, very shortly.

Currently, the art style as well as the game world is set to be 2D, though it is possibly we will use simple 3D models with textures ‘painted’ on, so as to still look two dimensional.  Additionally, our current initial audio direction is centered around a base of simple orchestral instruments, such as drums, and stringed and wind instruments, with an emphasis on bass and percussion, which might then have more futuristic and electronic sounds overlaid on top.  We are also currently prototyping the game in paper board game form, the art pipeline and 2D display, as well as free-form turn based movement–meaning that players can move anywhere within the world, rather than being constrained to squares or hexagons–in Unity, the engine we intend to use for the project.

The team intends to challenge stage 1 this week.  If we successfully pass, we will begin working on more a more complete digital prototype that functions on tablets.  We will continue to flesh out and refine gameplay systems, as well as begin adding audio and visual assets.


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