Week 6

In another set of changes, the group has decided to drop the Block puzzle game, and instead focus on a concept which merges the Mech MOBA prototype and the turn-based strategy–in fact, a more polished, digital version of the Mech MOBA paper prototype.  This decision came from a variety of factors, mainly being our artist was no fully invested into or interested in the art that could come from the design, and, similarly, our programmer was having great difficulty in getting the base mechanics of the concept to function.

The concept as it currently stands focuses around party style play, where all players are sitting in the same room, taking turns using the same device.  Players begin by creating their mech, customizing their stats and the weapons–which themselves have unique stats and capabilities–before heading into the arena-styled battleground.  Destined for a 2D art style, and likely using XNA, the game would be played from a top down perspective, and would feature the use of a free-form mechanic, rather than being grid based.  Similar to how tabletop games such as Warhammer, where a measuring tape is used to physically measure the distance a unit can move, and the exactly same as it was in the paper prototype, players will be given the capability to move anywhere within their movement distance, so long as it is not an impassible obstacle.  Player turn order will be decided by a random dice role at the beginning of each turn, and whichever player or team first fulfils the given objective will be declared the winners.

This will likely be the last major direction change we will be able to make in order to still have the possibility of qualifying for passing the game into full production.  However, the concept appears to be a strong one–as we have received much positive feedback on the paper prototype–as well as a concept that the entire team is motivated, interested, and prepared to work on.


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