Week 5

The group has decided to cut both the Mech MOBA concept and the Turn-Based Strategy concept.  The Mech MOBA concept was deemed to be too far out of scope, and we were unable to brainstorm an interesting central mechanical twist to the Turn-Based strategy genre.  As such, we have decided to focus all of our efforts on the shape-shifting puzzle game.  Iteration has now changed the concept to be focused solely on the cube form, though now players may acquire additional cubes throughout the level, allowing the player to alter their cube-based shape by changing the arrangement of the cubes.

The overall task remains the same, tasking players with navigating levels to reach an end goal.  We’re experimenting with additional goals, such as requiring the player to move through all possible squares in the level, or destroying different parts of the level.  Additionally, we’re looking at a variety of possible ways the player could change the capabilities of the cube–such as a fire or ice cube–as well as the many possible tile types that could allow the player to interact and move through the levels in a variety of ways–for a basic example, tiles that force the player to move in a direction, or tiles become unusable or dangerous upon passing through.


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