Week 4

Dragon Song has been cut, the greatest factor being that we were unable to find the correct type of gameplay that both satisfied the needs of the game, and which offered breadth and depth for the player to explore and use.  We’ve now refocused our efforts on our three remaining ideas–the Mech MOBA, the Turn-Based Strategy, and the shape changing puzzle concepts–and hope to challenge the first of four stages very soon.

The turn-based strategy game is now becoming a social Facebook game, though it will likely remain targeted at a more hardcore audience.  The most obvious reason behind this decision was the fact that the very nature of the game–turn based–lends itself to asynchronous, short bursts of gameplay.  Now the challenge is successfully making use of the social mechanic, as well as solidifying gameplay.

The Mech MOBA concept has not changed much, though the paper and digital prototypes are nearly at the point where they are ready to test as a whole.  Hopefully the combination of the paper prototype’s multiplayer gameplay, plus the digital prototype’s visual character creator and basic gameplay, will be most representative of the actual game.  Likewise, the shape changing concept’s prototype of the base mechanics are nearly ready for testing.


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