Summary of Week 2

This week was largely concerned with prototyping and trying to hash out existing ideas.  The mech MOBA prototype is coming along nicely, currently allowing players  to move around and customize their mech’s aesthetics.  Once abilities and basic stats are added, the prototype should be ready for its first test session.  Likewise, the prototype for the Dragon Song idea was essentially ready, yet feedback received during the class session has caused us to redesign some features.  Now the environment will be filled with a cacophony of sounds, tasking the player to use solve some basic puzzles to get rid of unnecessary sounds, and free the sounds needed for the level’s song.  Additionally, the team programmer has begun prototyping a grid based turn based strategy game framework, which may possibly be used in conjunction with the mobile touch prototype, should we decide to pursue a mobile game.

Concept art is likewise coming along nicely–the concept mechs strike a nice balance between humanoid shape and mechanical war machine, and a concept splash–done by the other designer–has seemed to aid in the direction of Dragon Song’s art.

Finally, the second major meeting took place, and largely ended up concerned with trying to figure out where to start the various systems required for the mech MOBA.  One of the most important areas that was first firmed out was the decision of whether the aesthetic body parts of the mech should be tied to its functional stats in game.  The team decided the two would–for initial testing–not be tied, as we would not want a player’s decisions about the aesthetics of their character to be undermined by their desired functionality.


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