The First Meetings

During the first class, Team 10 scheduled its first group meeting, with the goals of basic housekeeping and the setting and discussion of initial direction.  The team began by reviewing and performing a risk analysis of the stronger ideas we had concepted.  The first idea, titled “Dragon Song,” is an audio focused idea, wherein a young girl–one of many slaves captured by dragons–finds sounds within the environment which she memorizes to create songs.  Two of the largest risks with this project appeared to be the creation of quality sound assets, as well as the selection of a proper target market and audience.

The second, untitled, idea is a mech themed MOBA style game, wherein players are free to create whatever character they choose, mixing and matching from a pool of abilities and aesthetic pieces.  The greatest risks for this project appeared to be successful networking, asset generation, mechanics balancing, and successful market analysis.

Other concepts, which were not yet fleshed out, included a third-person stylized dungeon crawler, a 2D platformer/rpg, an iterative first-person shooter with random dynamic objectives, and three way team warfare.

By the end of the meeting, we decided to begin very simple prototype of the Dragon Song, MOBA, and 2D ideas, to begin some exploratory concept art, and to attempt to flesh out some of the more bare-bones ideas.


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