Introduction: Summer to the First Class

This is one of the development blogs for Team 10 of Champlain College’s Senior Capstone in Game Development, from the perspective of  a designer.  The project, as it was outlined at the end of Junior year, begins with four months of conceptional work and preproduction, followed by an evaluation and culling–often of at least half the projects–before the surviving projects proceed to four months of production, ending just before graduation.

In preparation for the semester, the team created a list of simple ideas or mechanics which we were interested in exploring, some of became more fleshed out as the semester drew closer.  Unsure of exactly what direction the actual class would end up taking, we waited for the first class before doing any serious work.

The first class, which was largely housekeeping, proceeded to outline the flow of the course, as well as make sure everyone was aware of the goals and means of evaluation.  Groups would be using Agile Development and would need to challenge four escalating stages in order to qualify for evaluation for Senior Production in the Spring semester.  Members of teams which do not pass–or qualify for–evaluation will then be redistributed, via a selection process, to the remaining teams, allowing the entire Game Development division to focus its efforts on those projects deemed the strongest.


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